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* Scenes from this video were filmed by DocuLen Media's Len Rosen & Cinematographer Will DaRosa 

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You have lived an extraordinary life. You have accomplished and achieved so much. You have acquired so many memories. Now you want to pass on your legacy and your family's legacy to future generations. 

Professional Film Maker Len Rosen's Work
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Facts and Benefits
Doculen Media LTD by Len Rosen

Facts & Benefits

Hollywood Production Company by Len Rosen

An Actual Hollywood Film

I will create an actual documentary film made to chronicle you and/or your family's legacy or cause.  I will bring a film crew, plus I will budget and plan this as I would a full theatrical film.

Documentary Films by Len Rosen

Endless Possibilities

To remember your accomplishments?  To honor your family's legacy?  To forward your personal cause?  Share a message with the world?  Release it to the public?  There are many possibilities that we can explore when working together on this film project. 

Len Rosen Directed Virtual Time Capsule

A Virtual Time Capsule

Keep this finished film private and confidential to only yourself and your family; or release it to the public.  The finished film will be a virtual time capsule to honor and remember your legacy and contributions to your family, the community and/or the world.

Len Rosen | Award-Winning Film Director

An Experienced Director

Besides my work in film, TV commercials & music, I have been a personal filmmaker to many prominent individuals, including several celebrities.  In this way, I had gained both experience and insight into chronicling their lives via their personal projects and causes. 

Music and Film Production Companies

A Film Told YOUR Way

I am a storyteller - not a gossip journalist. As your personal filmmaker, I want to tell your story YOUR way.  We are not selling tickets.  We are embracing your legacy with respect.

Award Winning Producer Len Rosen

A Timeless Investment

This is a film that you purchase and invest in for yourself. I want it to be like your family seal that will be honored for generations to come.  I will work with you until you are satisfied with the final product.  Dream BIG!  Because whatever this dream and vision is...

I'll make it happen. 

Project Ideas

Legacy Film

Make a film about your life legacy or about  a person very dear to you.

Award Winning Filmmaker Len Rosen

Personal Cause Film

Make a film to outline and showcase your personal cause.

Music Video Production by Len Rosen

Business Legacy Film

Make a film focusing on your business empire and its origins.

Film Producer Len Rosen

Ongoing Vlog or Series

An ongoing vlog / series chronicling important life events.

Best Documentary Filmmaker | Len Rosen
Q & A
Q & A


I really don’t want some large film crew following me around and coming into my home. Can we still make the film?

We completely respect your privacy.  If you don’t want a crew, we have the option of myself coming to film with only one production assistant.  I have this option available for a simpler and quieter approach to filming. 


What experience do you and your team have filming these kind of documentaries?

Besides myself having more than 20 years of experience in the industry, I spent more than half of that time as a personal filmmaker to many prominent and well known people, including several celebrities. I would be happy to provide references if requested. 


Why do you aim to make such a high level production out of my life story or cause? Why not just a simple video?

I aim for the highest level of production possible in order to properly and permenantly preserve your legacy. I do not want this to be a lost or forgotten video. I want this to stand out and be above and beyond any expectations. 


How long can my film be?  Is there a maximum length that the film can be?

The general length of a documentary film would be anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours long. However, if you want to talk about doing a film longer than that, or even breaking it up in segments and chapters (similar to a miniseries for example), we can certainly discuss it.


I have a very busy schedule. Do we have to film this all at once or can I schedule it whenever I have free time?

You can schedule your film to be filmed during the year or even over a period of a few months. Whenever it is convenient for you. Even if I have to fly back and forth to get it done, I will do it according to your convenience.


My commitment is solid and I will adapt to your schedule.


I have an idea for filming an entirely different project. Can I discuss it with you or do you only do life chronicling?

I am very interested in any project that you want to discuss with me. My only requirement is that the project you want to work on with me is important to you.

If you have a question that is not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us HERE and let us know.

Talk About Legacy
I'd like to talk to you about a legacy film. 
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